The Book

Jazz Mergirl is the inspiring, true story of a girl born inside a boy’s body. It tells how Jazz Jennings and her family navigated the challenging road to transition her into the bright, beautiful, lovely teen she is today.

It is also the story of Jazz’s courage and determination in speaking out to the world. She wants to teach those who are “less understanding” to become more accepting of “unique and special people,” and encourage those kids who are different to accept and love themselves.

Teens will be fascinated and engaged by reading Jazz Mergirl. This book will also be of value to parents interested in the transgender experience, as well as teachers, those in psychology and gender studies programs, therapists, and people in the healthcare and child protective systems. Extensive glossary, resource, and discussion sections are included.

Although not written with the Jennings family, the book’s profits will be donated to Jazz’s TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation.